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Barstow, CA to Santa Monica, CA

Written By: trevixan - Jul• 27•11

Well .. this is the final leg of our journey. There was much more to see than I had time to post or even photograph. There are parts of Route 66 that had something photo-worthy every 500 feet or so. I would love to spend more time in most of these areas. But enough about that. Time for our trip to the ocean.

Let’s start with your typical old Route 66 motel signs.

That’s actually where we stayed. I highly recommend it. Inexpensive, clean, and well run.

Did you notice the little sign there? If not, here’s a closer look. If you don’t understand, it’s somewhat of an inside thing.

In Barstow, we ran across this roadside attraction.

This place is called the Harvey House.

I really wanted to go into the museum, but as you can see on the door, they are only open weekends and we’re there on a Tuesday. Who knew?!?

So .. we’re driving through town and saw this next motel. Gotta love it.

Really? Round beds? The rooms looked too small to have two round beds. That’s why we stayed at the Stardust Inn. Anyway, here’s more shots of this motel.

The next shot you have old cars to the left and, if you can see it, a little garage for a couple of cars. Look between the palm trees.

Here’s a nice sign.

In Victorville, we stop an Emma Jean’s. It’s been featured on some of the food shows.

Emma Jean’s is an interesting place, if you like to be abused! Seriously, it’s fun. The waitress is a bit onery and playful at the same time. The cook is right there and interactive. Anyway, let’s get to the food.

Trevor had the chicken fried steak and eggs.

And I had .. sausage and eggs.

And of course, I gotta have the biscuits and gravy.

One last look at Emma Jean’s Holland Burger.

Now, Victorville has it’s own Route 66 Museum.

Again, the museum was closed. Good grief!

In San Bernadino, I see this sign that I didn’t expect.

San Bernadino has its share of Route 66 establishments. Here’s one that’s been here since 1937.

It doesn’t look like much, but it has been around for quite a while.

As is typical on Route 66, you find one thing and right across the street is something else that’s cool.

Too bad I wasn’t there on a Saturday or Sunday! :O)

Now .. the next one is a popular place on Route 66. I missed the one in Illinois, but here’s another one.

Now .. this next place looked really good. I do love a good pastrami!

Who wouldn’t want to eat here?

Ok .. I had to take this picture for two reasons .. 1. It looks like a cool spot; 2. It’s Rancho Cucamonga, that’s cool in itself.

Now this place looks intriguing. Search the web for this place. They appear to have some amazing food!

In Arcadia, we found this restaurant.

Looks like a high class place.

Now, you know you’re entering the Los Angeles area by the number of palm trees lining the streets.

Finally we make it to Santa Monica. How do I know?

To know you’ve reached the end of the line, there’s a plaque.

Just have to go down to the pier.

And once on the pier .. have to have my picture taken here.

Well .. that’s the trip. It took us from July 3 – July 19 to drive the 2000+ miles from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. It’s been an amazing journey and I was glad to share it with you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

The next, and probably last, post on Route 66 will be my final thoughts and some statistics about the trip. Give me a few days to compile my thoughts.

Until then.