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Monthly Archives: June 2011

today was great. I woke up to a homemade breakfast cooked by my dad. Then we said goodbye to my family and headed out. We drove up to Milwaukee and went to a resteraunt called “The Safehouse”. this place was great! First of all you wouldnt know its there unless someone told you. That is how we found out.  It is literally in an alleyway in a door that isn’t really marked. As soon as you get in you have no idea where to go. you pull on a leaver and a secret door behind a bookshelf opens up. They didn’t have their normal menu so they gave us a Mexican buffet instead. It was still great! We looked around then went out the secret exit. Behind secret doors we made our escape. ha-ha  Overall i think that it had the best decorations of any establishment i have ever been in. i would love to go back during the night crowd.

Once we finally got to the hotel the Wi-Fi was out and me and my dad worked with the manager to get it to work but with no avail. But that food….. ahhhh made up for it haha.