Looking for Suggestions

As Trevor and I travel down Route 66, we’re always looking for new and exciting places to go.  If you know of some place on or near Route 66, please let us know.

Some places that are of interest to me are:

  • Ted’s Garage, Clinton, IL
  • Charlie Parkers, Springfield, IL
  • Any BBQ place in St. Louis or Kansas City
  • There’s the place where they throw dinner rolls at you, but I cannot remember the name
  • Mark Twain National Park
  • There’s a soda pop place right on Route 66 that has over 200 different sodas from around the world

So, if you know of a place that is off-the-wall, weird, or just a great place to go, please post here and share it with the rest of us.



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15 Responses to Looking for Suggestions

  1. Denise Thorsen says:

    Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, Missouri. Home of the Throwed Rolls

    Sikeston is south of St. Louis. If you go there you can pass through Ozark National Scenic Riverway and/or Mark Twain National Forest to get you back to Rte 66.


    • trevixan says:


      Thanks for the suggestion. I know we talked about that a while ago. I am looking forward to going to Lamberts. I hope to get lots of pictures of the drive back to Route 66.


  2. Retha says:

    I think this is a great opportunity for you and Trevor to spend some time together. This is something you will never forget. I hope the journey is memorable for Trevor too. If you see any Kingdom Halls or Assembly Halls, snap a picture. There is a new one in Arizona somewhere, but I can’t remember the city. Happy trials! I mean, happy trails! tee-hee

  3. Alexander Thorsen says:

    Hey dad,

    Is there anyway that you can hook up the gps on your phone and link it to the website on a map so that we can see where you are in real time?


  4. Retha says:

    Dale – I was just watching FoodNetwork. They visited a place called “CRISP” in Chicago. It is known for its very crispy fried chicken and spicy, spicy bbq sauce. It really looks good. They have a special brining and frying method that’s different from other places. It is a Korean Fried Chicken and they make it extra crispy and extra spicy. Here’s the details if you guys are interested: Crisp, 877-693-8653. Address is:
    2940 N Broadway St, Chicago IL60657 (Btwn W Wellington & W Oakdale Ave).
    Be safe you two!

  5. sidra butler says:

    How exciting for the two of you. Congrats on your graduation from high school Trevor. I checked out a site on places to go along route 66. Here are a few (well more than a few – If you get a chance to stop, enjoy, have fun!):

    Hackberry General Store, AZ
    The mother lode of Mother Road memorabilia, inside and out, is the Hackberry General Store/museum. Inside, visitors can walk through a vintage diner and have a bottle of Rt 66 Root Beer and find trinkets bearing the Route 66 theme.
    The Hackberry General Store is on the longest continuous stretch of Route 66 and is located at 11255 E. Highway 66, Peach Springs, at mile marker 80.

    Meteor Crater (AZ)
    Meteor Crater was created 50,000 years ago by the impact of a meteorite approximately 150 across. Today the crater is 550 feet deep, and 2.4 miles in circumference.
    Distance from byway: On the byway
    From Rt 66 in Winslow, travel 15 miles west on I-40 to Exit 233. Travel 6 miles south to the Meteor Crater Visitor Center.

    Wigwam Hotel (AZ)
    Thirteen huge teepees appear right in the middle of Holbrook beckoning you to spend the night! The Wigwam Motel, on the National Register of Historic Places, was built in 1950 to attract the road trip travelers.
    Location: 811 West Hopi Drive, Holbrook, Arizona

    The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge (IL)
    The longest pedestrian bridge in the world, the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge formerly served as the link between Illinois and Missouri.
    Location: The bridge is located just off the intersection of IL 3 and Old Chain of Rocks Road in Madison, Illinois.

    Lucille’s Roadhouse and Old Lucille’s Station (OK)
    Lucille’s Roadhouse is unique in that the traveler can see and experience an original roadhouse and diner as it was in the heyday of diners along Route 66. Visitors can also travel 1 mile down Route 66 and eat at the new Lucille’s Roadhouse built in 2006. It has the same old-style as the great diners of yesterday. The inside of Lucille’s is Route 66 themed from the tables to tapestry.
    New Lucille’s Roadhouse: 1301 Airport Road, Weatherford.
    Old Lucille’s Roadhouse: Coleman Avenue and Route 66 intersection, Weatherford.

  6. Kalo says:

    Rosebud Prime Restaurant 1 South Dearborn downtown Chicago.

    AWESOME steak and wine. PRETTY PRICEY…but if you want to just go for it nice fine dining experience.

    Garrett Popcorn Shops…There is one on Michigan Ave and the Navy Pier.

  7. Francois says:

    A little out of the way, but if you’re in Milwaukee on Friday John Hawk’s Pub has the most phenomenal fish fry ever. Also happens to be just down the river from International Exports.

  8. Retha says:

    Hey guys, Guy Fieri of Diner Drive-ins and Dives recommends this great BBQ place. Here’s the information: Honky Tonk BBQ 1800 S. Racine Chicago, IL 60608
    312-226-7427 http://honkytonkbbqchicago.com/

  9. Retha says:

    If you can, visit Abraham Lincoln’s house in Springfield. They have tours. It’s very interesting.

  10. Lorraine Albaugh says:

    Could that small log house be a replica of the house where Abraham was born? And wasn’t Cars filmed off of Route 66 or was that animated? Hmmmm…..

  11. Retha says:

    I meant to comment on that small log house. Maybe it could be a replica of his house where he was born, or maybe it was a secret smoke house for some secret BBQ on the side. What do you think???? :O)

  12. Retha says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just watched Diners Drive ins and Dives and Guy Fieri recommends a place in
    Santa Fe, New Mexico called “Zia’s Diner.” Food is organic and home cooked, everything. Great Looking food and Guy Fierie kept tasting and tasting and saying how fantastic the food tasted. If you are interested and you go near that area, it is located at 326 S Guadalupe Street Santa Fe, NM 87501. Phone number is: 505.988.7008. Or you could look them up on the web – http://www.ziadiner.com

    Have fun!

  13. wayne says:

    I just heard from Annette that you two are in Arizona already.
    I had a brother that I used to work with that lives in New Mexico
    and i was going to have you contact him.
    Guess I’m too late………………………..

  14. Annette Thorsen says:

    If you see a Route66 themed photo album or two at any of these gift stores, please do bring it home so we can nicely store all your new photo treasures.

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