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Today we spent the hole day in Springfield. We visited the home of President Lincoln. It looked alot more modern than i thought t would be. We got to learn many interesting facts about the president that i never knew about.

We then went to Charlie Parker’s. It was defiantly a local favorite cause it was packed! i had a delicious buffalo chicken sandwich. My dad had a breakfast shoe that looked even better.

At the end of the day we went to the best hotel we stayed so far. It was completely decked out in the traditional decor of the 50’s. I think it was a great place.


  1. Did you take any pictures inside the hotel?

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Are you a hillbilly now since you went to Hillbilly junction? Did you get overalls and a red checkered shirt so as to blend in??? I just can’t picture you in an outfit like that! :o) I hope route 66 is all you hoped for and that you are having a good time seeing things and eating stuff you wouldn’t normally get to eat around Fremont. Enjoy everything you can, because when you get back to Fremont, it will be the normal hum-drum of everyday life. No hillbillies here! Retha

  3. Sounds like time travel some of the places you have been. What a great way to learn about history. Thanks for your posts son. I look forward to them everyday.

  4. Good to see your picture on your Dad’s Blog but have missed reading your take on things.

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