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Sikeston to Springfield, MO

Written By: trevixan - Jul• 10•11

Ok .. we’re leaving Sikeston now and it’s at least a four hour drive with nothing to report, so today’s post will probably be a little shorter than the others.

When in the Ozarks, what type of people do you think of? Well .. I found them. They have their own little place on this roadway.

Evidently their mayor looks something like.

Now .. you may be asking yourself .. where do Hillbillys shop? Why at the mall, of course.

Then in true hillbilly fashion I see this.

Take a closer look at the car lot.

So .. you don’t see any cars? Look again .. it says DREAM CARS .. it’s your dream .. not mine! :O)

On final comment.

So .. with those words .. Y’all Kum Back .. I’ll see you in the next post.

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  1. Mary Kauhi says:

    Well, I finely got caught up with your trip after getting home from mine. Loved the pics of Hillbilly Junction. By the way, I would never go out on that ledge in Chicago like you did. I couldn’t even lay back on the cantilevered windows of House of the Rocks in Wisconsin! Sounds like you’re having a great time.

    • trevixan says:

      Welcome home. Yeah .. we’re having fun. That trek onto the ledge was nerve racking for me. I had to back onto it.

      House on the Rocks. I would have loved to take Trevor there, but I think it was a bit too far out of our way.

  2. Retha says:

    Hillbilly junction! Now, that is probably the peak of you and Trevor’s trip, right???? The food is usually good but I didn’t see any pics of what you ate down there in the Ozarks. So, did you and Trevor pick up some hillbilly uniforms, you know, blue overalls with a red checkered shirt sticking out on the sides, no shoes, etc., so you would blend in?

  3. Annette Thorsen says:

    Hey Retha! You trying to turn my men into Jed Clampet and his son Jethro? 🙂 If they do come home with the traditional garments of the area, I’ll encourage them to go to your house and hang out for some vittles. 🙂

  4. Annette Thorsen says:

    Hot diggity! and dessert?

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