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Tulsa to Elk City

Written By: trevixan - Jul• 13•11

The title here is a little misleading. We were actually staying in Sapulpa which is right next door to Tulsa and on Route 66 as well. So the first shot is on our way out of Sapulpa.

But on we go .. first stop is Bristow, OK.

Notice that the next place has .. BBQ .. Pop .. and …

Yeah .. that’s right .. BBQ .. pop .. souvenirs .. and … WELDING!

In Stroud, OK we have this place.

At Mamie’s there was a thermometer. Notice the temp.

Then there’s the Rock Cafe.

Now we’re in Davenport, OK. How do I know?

Davenport, OK has a downtown area. It’s brick layed and quite interesting. Check out these walls.

As you might be able to see .. Nettie Davenport was the first postmaster back in 1892.

Here are some more shots from Davenport.

Here’s something I found around Chandler.

Ok .. so maybe it’s not spelled correctly (inside information here).

Next, we enter Arcadia. There is a famous landmark there. The Round Barn.

Check out this next picture.

This place is called Pops. It has the reputation of having anywhere between 200 and 500 different pops. And, you know, I believe that.

Trevor had a drink described only as Red.

And I had an old standby .. although not a brand I have had before.

Ok .. earlier you may have not liked the spelling .. how about now?

We finally make it to Oklahoma City. We find another empty building. This seems to be the mainstay of Route 66.

But, since we are in the capitol of Oklahoma, gotta take a picture of two of it.

Now, check this out. We are in the middle of a movie shoot. They weren’t shooting at the time, but they had the set ready to go. Here’s a close up.

While still in Oklahoma City, we run across this.

Then, down the street, there was this.

And I do like BBQ!

Now .. here’s a bridge .. cannot remember where it is exactly. It was closed to drivers .. but ..

In Yukon, OK, we ran across a flour mill. I liked the building so I had Trevor take a shot of it.

Just down the road a bit is El Reno, OK. It had an interesting little downtown area. It even has its own train.

I’m not even sure if anything is open in the downtown area. When we drove through, nothing was. There was a lot of artwork in the windows which looked pretty nice.

I also like the architecture of the downtown area. It could be that they are re-doing the downtown. I saw a sign in one window saying it was under construction.

Here is an interesting blend of old and renovated.

Here’s a closer look of the two.

What a difference a coat of paint can make.

Like many old downtown areas, there is a theater here.

It’s now time to leave El Reno and press on to Elk City. However, before we get there we need to refuel. We are now in Weatherford, OK. There is an old filling station and road house. The road house isn’t really there any more, but the filling station is.

This might have been the old road house.

I think I’d rather go to the new Lucille’s.

We ate in the diner portion.

Trevor had a chicken fried steak burger.

And I had a chili cheeseburger.

I just have to throw this one in because it looked odd to me.

Is it such a good idea to have happy hour at a gas station?

Next town is Clinton. There’s a Route 66 Museum there.

It was closed even though we got there about 10 minutes before it should have. Oh well. Here’s a couple of shots I got from the outside.

They even have their own diner!

That’s it for this post. I wanted to try to get to Texola, OK, but I was a little tired and I saw something that I knew I wanted to spend some time at. I think you’ll agree with me that stopping in Elk City was the right decision.

Until next time.

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  1. Cassie Switzer says:

    Hi Dale and Trevor! Loving the blog. It sounds like you two are having a great time.

    So I have a little story to share. I was just getting home from the store and my mom wass standing outside in the driveway. I thought this was strange… My window was rolled down a bit and she called out to me “Have you seen Dale’s blog today?”. She had a huge smile on her face, so I knew something was up. =)

    As I can see you have discovered the Switzer/Sweitzer roots on Route 66. I am sure you have now figured out my unknown ‘relatives’ are famous. Yep, my people specialize in Auto Service and Locker rooms. But mind you, only locker rooms for autos, RV’s and boats…LOL Thanks for the pics. Safe Travels!

  2. Annette Thorsen says:

    When I saw the Switzer sign I too thought of you Cassandra! Glad you could see it and your mom gave you a shout-out. How fun is that? Dale, I liked that at the Soda place you two tried something you normally would not have access to. The Chevy in the window of the museum looks like its very well preserved. Round barn? Thanks for sharing with us the more unusual things. So, when am I going to see a picture of you two again?

  3. Retha says:

    Great pics! I absolutely loved the diner with the blue chairs and checkerboard ceiling – Lucille’s I think. The food looked good too. Too bad you guys couldn’t get into that museum with what looked like a ’57 chevy. Those cars were made of complete steel I think. I would hate to be in an accident with one of those cars, but they are so cool to look at. Hope you two have decent places to stay in each night. So brave!

  4. Connie Wyatt says:

    Loving the look back at all the cars! America certainly has had a love affair with them! The older ones are so much more interesting than the fare for sale these days.

    I am so slow on the uptake on so many things, so please don’t laugh! 😀 I just figured out that I needn’t strain my poor eyes, but if I click on a picture, it will open up and cover my screen so I can see all the details I have been missing all this time! I also discovered that I could click on a smaller portion of the blown up pic and get an even closer view of something that I want to see a bit better! Technology is grand if you know what to do with it! LOL!

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