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Winslow, AZ to Williams, AZ

Written By: trevixan - Jul• 22•11

So, I’m standing on this corner in Winslow, Arizona. You know .. taking it easy. And what do I see? Why it’s a girl in a flat-bed Ford, slowin’ down to take a look at me!

Winslow has dedicated this entire corner to the song that made it famous. Of course, that song is Take it Easy by the Eagles. If I understand correctly, this song was their first big hit. Here are some more pictures.

The next picture is of the Balladeer.

We left that corner and went down the street a bit and found another corner. The diner is for sale, if anyone is interested.

The next series of pictures are of Lo Posada hotel. I find it interesting that La Posada means The Inn. It’s a bit of a landmark in Winslow. It’s billed as the last great railroad hotel and was built in 1929 for the Santa Fe railroad.

Here’s a shot of the hotel.

There’s a nice sitting area, too.

And all good hotels have a garden, right?

Well, it’s time to leave La Posada. Hope you enjoyed it.

During my travels down Route 66, I’ve often wondered why one business will thrive and another fail.

Compare this one.

With this one.

We’re leaving Winslow now. The next stop is, literally, a big hole in the ground. Wanna see it?

Yes, this is the ever popular meteo crater in Arizona. Crash landed, oh, who knows when. Left this big hole in the ground. Quite the popular place, though. Let’s take another look.

See that white patch down at the bottom? What do you think it is?

Now, doesn’t that look like a BBQ pit?

Well .. it’s back on the road again. I have a few more shots of the crater but, honestly, they all look pretty much the same. One thing that I have really missed this trip, and I remarked on it in Albuquerque, is the lack of mountains. Well .. we’re somewhat coming back into mountain territory again.

Now, in Flagstaff … well .. go get Cassie again! :O)

So, we take this right hand turn at Flagstaff and eventually end up here.

Now this is a much more impressive hole in the ground! :O)

Isn’t that the Colorado River down there?

They say the canyon can be as much as six miles wide. I believe it.

I find the deep grooves within grooves quite fascinating.

Now, the next picture .. there is a controlled fire on top. Not to worry.

And I didn’t know they had pyramids in the Grand Canyon.

Don’t see it? How about an Easter Island head?

No? I guess it’s like looking at clouds. You can see what you want to see.

There are railings in some places along the trail. Other places don’t have railings.

Looks harmless .. right? Let’s zoom out a bit to see the entire picture.

Still want to venture out on that ledge?

I do love shots through the trees.

But, I digress. Getting back to the folks out on the ledge. There are warning signs.

Sometimes the local critters stop for a pose.

Even the plant life says hello.

That’s it for the Grand Canyon. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Next we’re headed off toward Williams for the night. However, there’s something we see that just cannot be passed up.

So .. I traded in the Camry for some new wheels. What do you think?

Time to leave Bedrock and move on down the road.

We’re finally in Williams, AZ. We check in to our motel and then try to find some place to eat. Along the way, we see some nice Route 66 things.

This, however, is where we ate. It’s an Irish-Southwest restaurant.

Of course, gotta have chips and salsa.

This is what I had .. the Pancho Platter.

That’s a taco, tostada, enchilada, and tamale. Was it good?

Well .. I managed to actually finish it. Trevor didn’t want to help. He had the same thing.

That’s it for today. We leave Williams tomorrow, bound for Barstow, CA. Still have a few shots from Williams, so I’ll show those next time.